Warm Congratulations on Successful Delivery of CSPC SMPO Units (Styrene Reactor) manufactured by Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.!

In the morning, CSPC SMPO units (namely styrene reactors), manufactured by Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., were successfully delivered.

Three reactors delivered are 6 meters in diameter and respectively 280 tons in weight. The equipment is made of high-strength alloy steel with the high carbon and alloy content, so the technical difficulty of the hardening and cold tendency is necessarily solved in the manufacturing process. As the equipment is a fixed tube-sheet heat exchanger and a blind tube penetration way is selected for the heat exchange tube, the manufacturing accuracy and process assembly accuracy of the tube sheet is relatively high. Through the full cooperation of the on-site manufacturing team and technical personnel, the manufacturing task has been successfully completed in 11 months, fully demonstrating the advantages of the technical facilities, talent team and management of the company, and ensuring the sustainable, sound, stable and rapid development.

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